Closets & Custom Spaces

An Invitation to Builders and Designers

Walk-in-Closets and Custom Spaces have become a staple of new construction. Yet most closet supply companies are consumer facing and lacking business characteristics that benefit builders and independent designers. We believe there’s more for professionals than currently available. That’s why our designs are not limited to white melamine panels. We carry an assortment of desirable finishes that help projects sell. Even better, everything is fabricated in our Kent Washington facility where you can visit and touch the magic.

Are you a homeowner that would like a Seattle Products manufactured custom space? Have your general contractor or designer reach out to us today.

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The Process

Step 1. Design Consultation

<p>Tell us about your project. Let’s review plans, collect dimensions, discuss finishes and consider features. Budget is, of course, always a consideration. Are you building spec homes or high end condos? Are you designing for a custom one-off residence or a senior living facility?</p>

Step 2. Virtual Insight & Approval

<p>Based on your needs Seattle Products will deliver high quality conceptual drawings for your review. Need deeper insight? We use virtual reality for our clients to experience their design at scale. It’s perfect for critical details appearing many times throughout a project. Once approved, your design is ready for production.</p>

Step 3. Batch Size One Production

<p>Your closet is unique. It’s not stock. That’s why, at Seattle Products, closets are batch size one, built-to-order. The very data visualized in your design drives our machinery. Every CAD line moves a router bit.</p>

Step 4. Installed by Us, Enjoyed by Your Clientele

<p>The process ends with a professional installation by Seattle Products. Depending on the nature of your project it may require multiple units over the course of several weeks. As a licensed contractor in the State of Washington, we are prepared to coordinate with your team to ensure timely delivery and quality communication.</p>

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Our Surfaces

The best closet surfaces fuse current design, beautiful color, rich texture and eco-friendly material. We have taken thousands of surface options, sourced only the best, and established five design style categories. Each offers unique material and color palette combinations, so you will always find your perfect fit.

  • KMAW600 Galaxy White
    U601 Folkstone
    KMD722 Fog Grey
    KMAU002 Black
  • Roble Aurora
    Roble Colorado
    Roble Azabache
    Fresno Glacial
  • Lino Cancun
    Espiga Pimienta
    Espiga Sal

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Our Features

Custom organizational features take a closet from good to amazing. We offer a variety of ways to create order, elegance and easy-access. From tie racks to shoe shelves, be intentional about life’s accessories.

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Design and Budget Guide

The images below display three different categories of closets. They vary both in features and construction. Use this as a guide while communicating your project needs.

  • Classic $

    • Hanging - No back, No base
    • Drawers
    • Cubbies
    • Shelves
    • Hanger Poles
  • Premium $$

    • Hanging - w/base
    • Drawers
    • Cubbies
    • Shelves
    • Shoe Rail Shelf
    • Laundry Basket
    • Hanger Poles
  • Luxe $$$

    • Built-in closet casework (back, base and crown)
    • Drawer bank that rises up from the base that extends beyond the sections
    • Cubbies
    • Shelves
    • Glass Shelves
    • Show Shelves
    • Door attached laundry basket
    • Doors
    • Lighting
    • Hanger Poles
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